Hawker and Hall Family Trees

Graeme Hall died in 1997.

Elizabeth Philips was born about 1776 in Zennor,Cornwall. She was christened on 11 Feb 1776 in Zennor,Cornwall. She died in Jul 1853 in Boskendan,Gulval,Cornwall.. She was buried on 17 Jul 1853 in Gulval.Cornwall..


William Lawrey Martins.


Verna Ella Treloar died on 21 May 1974.

Robert Telford Jackson died in Feb 1997.

Peter William Jones was born on 28 Jun 1940. He died on 5 Sep 1983 in Laverton, Victoria #21005 age 43yrs..

Leigh Graham Chapman was born on 28 Jun 1972. He died in 2004 in South Australia.


Mary Veronica Stammers was born in 1913 in Coburg, Victoria #20588. She died on 10 Aug 1998. She was buried on 13 Aug 1998 in Fawkner Cemetery, Victoria age 85yrs..

Brian Ila Rowland was born in 1930. He died in Jun 1994. He was buried on 28 Jun 1994 in Fawkner Cemetery, Vic age 64yrs.

Sharon Lee Hobbins was born in 1958. She died in Jun 1977 in Wall, Vic #23828 age 19yrs. She was buried on 9 Jun 1977 in Fawkner Cemetery, Vic age 19yrs.

William Douglas Axford was born in 1909 in Lilydale, Victoria #12200. He died in 1984 in Ballarat, Victoria #15197 age 75yrs.

John Hawker was christened 1 on 1 Nov 1629 in Thornbury, Gls, Eng.

Rychard Hawker died 1 in 1563.


Lindsay Ann Hawker was born in 1985. She died in Mar 2007 in Tokyo, Japan.


William Newman 1 died in 1810.

Anthony John Gorton died on 14 Oct 2001 in Ventnor, IOW, ENG.

Peter Howes was born on 5 May 1935 in Walsall, STS, ENG. He died on 15 Dec 2000 in Walsall, STS, ENG.


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