Hawker and Hall Family Trees

Ann Hawker 1, 2 was born in 1835.


James Hawker 1, 2 was born in 1850 in Eldersfield, Wor, Sts.

Charles Hawker died in 1769 in Bodlam, Swindon, Gls, Eng.

William Hawker died in 1767 in Gls, Eng.


William Hawker died 1 in 1825 in Castlemorton, Wor.

Berkeley Hawker was born in 1782 in Chaceley, Wor, Eng.


Mabel Violet Waller died on 25 Oct 1998 in Princes Risborough, Bucks..


Lanoe George Hawker was born on 30 Dec 1890 in Longparish, Hants. He died on 23 Nov 1916 in Bapaume.


John E. Malloy III was born on 1 Feb 1964. He died on 30 Oct 1978.

Kenneth Bertram Price was born on 3 Aug 1921 in Devon, Eng. He died in 2000 in Wolverhampton, Sts, Eng.

Ulic Bernard Nolen was born on 19 Aug 1918 in Boort,Victoria. Australia.. He died on 11 May 1964 in Boort,Victoria. Australia.. He was buried on 13 May 1964 in Boort cemetery..


William Charles Parkes died 1 on 10 Mar 1987 in Barton under Needwood, Sts, Eng.

John Burrows was born about 1925. He died about 1990.

Robert Hawker was born 1 in 1828 in Beckford, Gls, Eng.

James Hawker was born 1 in 1856 in Tewkesbury, Gls, Eng.

Elizabeth Hawker was born 1 in 1860 in Grafton, Gls, Eng.

Herbert Hawker was born 1 in 1865 in Grafton, Gls, Eng.

Sarah Cooper was born about 1789. She was buried on 16 Sep 1851 in Lapley, Brewood, Sts, Eng.


Elizabeth Cooper was born about 1838. She was buried on 23 Jun 1840 in All Saints Church, Bloxwich, Sts, Eng.


Sarah Hawker was christened 1, 2 on 29 Jul 1810 in Deerhurst, Gls, Eng.

Elizabeth Thompson 1 was born in 1891 in Brownhills, Sts, Eng.

Joan Newsham was born in 1937. She died on 16 Apr 2004.

Richard Hawker was buried 1 in Dec 1575 in Deerhurst, Gls, Eng.

Gyles Hawker was buried 1 on 8 Sep 1600 in Deerhurst, Gls, Eng.


Thomas Hawker was buried 1 on 28 Jul 1601 in Deerhurst, Gls, Eng.

John Clarke was born in 1821. He was christened 1 on 18 May 1823 in Mountsorrel, Let, Eng.

Charles Hawker was born 1 in 1830 in Claines, Wor, Eng.


Henry Finch died in Mar 1854 in Tewkesbury, Gls, Eng.


Alan Monagle died about 1994.

Robert John (Jack) Rivett died on 14 Jul 2005 in Bendigo,Victoria.. He was buried on 20 Jul 2005 in White Hills Lawn Cemetery,White Hills. Bendigo..

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