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The First Annual Symposium was held at St. Anne's College, Oxford from December 15 to December 17, 1995. Its theme was STRUCTURE: Principles and Applications in the Sciences and Music. The symposium began on the evening of December 15 with an opening address by the Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, MP and a public all-Bach recital by Rosalyn Tureck on the clavichord, harpsichord and piano in the historic Holywell Music Room.

December 16 was devoted to lectures, each of at least one hour's duration, by a distinguished panel of authorities in their field. The morning session was chaired by Professor Brian Trowell, Heather Professor of Music, Oxford University, and consisted of lectures by Dr. Rosalyn Tureck, Music and Professor Mitchell Feigenbaum, Physics. After a buffet lunch the afternoon session was chaired by Dr. Robin Stinchcombe, Physics, and consisted of lectures by Professor Sir Roger Penrose, Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, and Professor Richard Dawkins, Biology. A Gala Dinner was held in the evening.

The morning of December 17 was occupied by a Round Table Discussion of ideas that emerged from the lectures with Rosalyn Tureck, Mitchell Feigenbaum, Roger Penrose and Dr Richard Dawkins. A buffet lunch was followed by an open discussion between the lecturers and the audience.

First Annual Symposium
Lecture Programme
St Anne's College, Oxford, December 1995


16 December - Saturday
Prof. Brian Trowell, Heather Professor of Music Faculty, Oxford University
Morning Sessioin Chairman

Dr Robin Stinchcombe, Theoretical Physics, Oxford University
Afternoon Session Chairman
10.00AM - 11.15AMRosalyn Tureck - Cells, Functions, Relationships in Musical Structure & Performance
11.30AM - 12.45PMMitchell Feigenbaum, Theoretical Physics - Unfolding Processes, Emergent Phenomena and Numbers' Structural Legacy
1.00PM - 2.30PMBuffet Lunch
3.00PM - 4.15PMRoger Penrose, Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics - Mathematics: Pattern, Precision and Profundity
4.30PM - 5.45PMDr Richard Dawkins - The Darwinian Kaleidoscope
7.30PMGala Dinner

17 December - Sunday
10.30AM - 12.30PMRound Table Discussion with
Rosalyn Tureck
Mitchell Feigenbaum
Roger Penrose
Dr Richard Dawkins
1.00PM - 2.30PMBuffet Lunch
3.00PM - 4.30PMOpen Discussion
Question and Answer Period
Lecturers and Audience

Lectures from this First Annual Symposium are contained in the first issue of the Tureck Bach Research Foundation journal, INTERACTION, published 2 April 1997 containing the lectures by Rosalyn Tureck, Mitchell Feigenbaum and Roger Penrose.