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Capturing Groups of Stones

A group of stones of one color is captured when there are no lines touching the group. In this way, the captured group is surrounded by stones of the other color. A captured group is removed from the Go board.

To belong to a group, a stone must touch another stone of the same color on the same line. On each of the four Go boards below, there is just one group of black stones.

If white wants to capture one of these groups, white must play a stone on each line that touches the black group. Once a stone is attached to a group, it's all or nothing!

Count the lines touching each group.

White needs to play the same number of stones to capture either Group A or Group B.

White needs one less stone to capture Group C.

Group D is tricky. There is one move that white must not play until last of all.

After you have figured out how to capture a group, click the Go board to see the animated answer.

[Image: 4 stones in a square shape]

Group A

[Image: 3 stones in a line]

Group B

[Image: 3 stones in a bent shape]

Group C

[Image: One-eyed group, 7 stones]

Group D

If these examples seem confusing:

Be sure to read the tips for new Go players.

If you feel ready for a challenge, you can test your wits with four Go problems for the capturing game.

How to Teach GO by Mindy McAdams.

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