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4 Go Problems for the Capturing Game

You can work out Go problems even if you have no one to play with. These are like puzzles, and Go players at every level do them.

Remember, to win the capturing game, all you need to do is capture one stone (or capture a whole group; that also counts). Then the game's over!

Problem A

[Image: Problem 1]

It's black's turn. Black can win with one move. (That is, make the right move now, and the follow-up wins.)

Problem B

[Image: Problem 2]

It's white's turn. White has two separate stones in great danger. One move can save them both ... temporarily, at least.

Problem C

[Image: Problem 3]

It's black's turn, and there's one black stone in great danger. Save it or lose the game.

Problem D

[Image: Problem 4]

It's white's turn. If white keeps the pressure on, white will win. But if not ... black can trap white and win.

Here are some things to look for while you're playing:

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How to Teach GO by Mindy McAdams.

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