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Far East Gateways Far East Gateways is now in its 20th year specialising in tailor-made holidays to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Maldives, China, Japan, and beyond. They were the first UK tour operator to introduce the "Gateway" principle to the area, whereby clients have the facility to create a fully flexible itinerary. Far East Gateways is affiliated to the UNIGLOBE network of travel agencies which has over 1000 branches worldwide and access to some of the most advanced travel support systems available.

Far East "Gateways" are the major entry points into the Far East, usually on the national carrier of the chosen "Gateway" destination. Extension tours are then built on to this arrival destination, based on suggested modular packages outlined in the brochure.

Easy-to-read, clearly defined tour elements enable clients to make all the comparisons on tour contents and price, to build - with the help of our expert and enthusiastic holiday reservations team - a holiday of a lifetime.


Tel: 0161-437 4371
E-mail: info@gateways.co.uk
Website: www.gateways.co.uk

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