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If you are simply looking for the cheapest flight to the middle and far east, try:

Emirates, the international airline of the United Arab Emirates, is best known for its innovations and superior in-flight service in all three cabin classes.

The airline operates one of the world's newest fleets of aircraft to 58 destinations in 41 countries, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and Jakarta. They recently added nine Airbus A330-200 aircraft and two new, larger 300-series Boeing 777 airplanes to the fleet and now fly more than 30 aircraft to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Far East and Australia.

Emirates is also planning to add the new ultra-long Airbus 340-500 aircraft to their fleet. These spacious four-engine planes can travel over 14,000km without refuelling - allowing Emirates to take you all the way non-stop from Dubai to Australia or Japan. They will also be one of the first airlines to fly the newest and most advanced airplane in the world - Airbus' double decker A380 which holds over 550 passengers and will be joining the fleet by 2006.

Fly Emirates and you not only experience service standards of the highest quality but gourmet cuisine that rivals the best around the world.

All Emirates aircraft are equipped with a personal entertainment system in all classes.

  • On Emirates A310 aircraft, every passenger has access to six TV channels and eight audio channels.
  • On Emirates B777 and A330 aircraft, passengers are provided with up to 18 TV channels and 22 audio channels.
  • Passengers travelling in First or Business Class are offered our Film Library, with up to 50 titles to ensure there's always a favourite to watch on your in-seat personal video player.
Emirates Featured Destinations: More details can be found on the Emirates Home Page.

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