Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas
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Sumi-e Set Sumi-e Set

The elegant art of Sumi-e has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. Experience this beautiful art form with an exquisite set for yourself or a friend. Includes four sumi brushes, a carved sealstone with a Good Fortune symbol, a porcelain brush stand, a Sazuri ink stone with well, a black ink stick, red seal ink pad in porcelain saucer with lid and a porcelain water saucer with spoon.


Japanese Ink Painting Japanese Ink Painting

This sumi-e instruction book covers all materials and techniques, including grinding ink, handling the brush for maximum control, composing pictures, even mounting a finished painting. Step-by-step exercises guide your creations of fish, orchids, landscapes and more, some with the addition of watercolor. Dozens of color and black & white illustrations. Author Naomi Okamoto. 96 pages, 8 1/2" x 11".


Sumi-e Dream Journey Video Sumi-e Dream Journey Video

Over a period of some 45 years, Yolanda, your guide, has practiced her delicate art of Sumi-e, running the gamut of experience: teaching internationally, painting murals and wall hangings on commission, adorning ceramics and textiles, and lecturing for live audiences and on TV. "A Sumi-e Dream Journey" demonstrates Yolanda's common sense approach to the complex Japanese art of Sumi-e. Whether a novice or an accomplished Sumi-e artist, this video will be a step forward on your quest for knowledge.


Chinese Brush Painting Chinese Brush Painting

This beginners' guide to Chinese Brush Painting presents information on tools, equipment and basic techniques. You will learn to create simple forms with minimal strokes and depict everything from flowers and leaves to figures and landscapes. Hardcover, 9" x 11", 128 color pages.


Chinese Calligraphy Set Chinese Calligraphy Set

This Chinese calligraphy set includes everything needed to practice one of the great ancient arts. Includes a large ink grinding stone, a stick of black sumi ink, three bamboo sumi-e brushes, one 9" x 12" 50 sheet lined and grided pad and instruction sheet.


Chinese Watercolor Ink Set Chinese Watercolor Ink Set

Whether you use them for Sumi-e calligraphy, watercolor or simply to give as a gift, these remarkable packages of inks will help you attain artistic nirvana. The set of five 3" long quality color sticks come packaged in a lovely box with a glass top. Prepare your inks in a 5" round ink stone with lid, available separately.


Gansai Painting Set Gansai Painting Set

This Japanese Gansai painting set utilizes a special mixture of pure pigment made from pulverized mineral stones and adhesive to bind the color to your painting surface. While usually used with a washi paper, the unusual colors will work on almost any surface prepared for watercolors. The finished colors range from light and transparent, to deep and rich, depending on how much water is mixed with the paint.


Mini Sho-Do Calligraphy Set Mini Sho-Do Calligraphy Set

The mini Sho-do Calligraphy set is packed with everything anyone will need to begin learning this traditional artform. Contains two calligraphy brushes, ink stick, grinding stone, porcelain brush holder, water bowl, water dipping spoon, 10 sheets of practice paper and a 64 page instruction book. We’ve also included a 48 sheet 9" x 12" Hosho rice paper pad.


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