Thai Air News Newsletter from
7 January 2003
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Happy New Year to all our readers. To start the New Year we are sending you this index to last year's newsletters, which are now all on-line for your convenience at:
Thai Airways International have just announced a new service on the route Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Chittagong, the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The announcement is given below. As a result, the next issue of this newsletter will be devoted to Bangladesh.
We would remind you that we are always happy to receive reports of your own experiences and photos of travel in Asia, and suitable submissions will be published in the newsletter. Experiences and opinions of real travellers are always useful and often contain information not available elsewhere. We would also like to remind you that substantial savings on your hotels and flights are available from the following links:
Have a great 2003!
THAI Introduces Chittagong on international network
THAI now operate thrice-weekly flights on the route Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Chittagong, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, utilising Boeing 737-400 aircraft,capable of accommodating 149 passengers, with 12 business class and 137 economy class seats. Until 31 January 2003, THAI's Royal Orchid Plus members traveling on the routes Chiang Mai-Chittagong and Chittagong-Chiang Mai will receive double mileage points to celebrate the launch of the new destination on THAI's network.
INDEX for 2002 Newsletters
26 May 2002 Cambodia
A trip to Cambodia. An illustrated account of Bernhard Heiser's trip.
60 photographs of the vast temple erected by Jayavarman VII
Cambodian Classical Dance: an illustrated description
Andy Carvin's wonderful illustrated account of a trip to Angkor
The 19 Languages of Cambodia
2 June 2002 Laos
A week in Laos. An amusing illustrated account of John Hart Benson Jr.'s trip to Laos.
Laos - Land of the Million Elephants
A brief history of Laos
The Oriental, Bangkok. A restored, century-old hotel.
The 82 Languages of Laos
9 June 2002 Myanmar (Burma)
Myanmar Image Gallery to start off this week's issue, devoted to Myanmar (Burma)
On the Road to Mandalay
The Official Myanmar Tourism Website
Yangonow (or "Rangoon now") personal experiences
The 108 Languages of Myanmar
16 June 2002 Vietnam
The Vietnam Multi-Media Archive images and sounds of Vietnam
A Day in the Life of Hang Bo Street Hanoi as it really is.
The Road less Travelled backpacking fun in Vietnam
Exploring Vietnam in Luxury a rather different view
Cycling Vietnam the middle way?.
23 June 2002 Korea
History of Korea from 2333BC to today
The Korean alphabet. Most efficient in the world?
An Introduction to North Korea
Tourism in North Korea
South Korea - an exceptionally comprehensive look at South Korea
Life in South Korea travelguide
30 June 2002 Macau
City Guide of Macau
City of Culture Guide.
Macau Museum
Taipa and Coloane: A Tale of Two Islands
Macau Travel Guide
14 July 2002 China (Part 1)
Photo Gallery of China
US Consular Information Sheet on China
Chinese Scenery
My Trip to Beijing
Jim Chambers' Trip to Beijing
Discounted hotel rates in China
16 July 2002 Thailand
How Thailand began
Visa and Customs Regulations
Languages of Thailand
The sights and sounds of Bangkok
Cha-am and Hua Hin
Thailand Photo Album
Thai Language and Culture
Photos of the Loi Krathong Festival
The marvellous photos of Eugene Kuo
Discounted hotel rates in Thailand
31 July 2002 China (Part 2)
Save China's Tigers
China, an Inner Realm
Bicycling Southern China
China History (to Qing Dynasty)
CHINA - Travel Tips
Discounted hotel rates in China
17 August 2002 The Philippines
The Philippines: A Unique Nation
Philippines Moist Forests
Philippines: a country study
Philippine Volcanos
Philippine Journeys
Recommended travel books
Discounted hotel rates in The Philippines
25 August 2002 Indonesia
Travelling in Indonesia
Dragons at Sea - Breathing Fire with the Monitor Lizard
Indonesia: Unique and Fascinating
Indonesia Travel
Discover Indonesia
Recommended travel books
Discounted hotel rates in Indonesia
22 September 2002 Japan
Welcome to Edo
Kabuki for Everyone
My trip to Fuji-San
Regional Tourist Guides
Japanese Gardens
Travel Japan
GO and the arts
19 October 2002 Hong Kong
Hong Kong Islands
Lonely Planet Hong Kong
The Cheung Chao Bun Festival
Tourism Commission Visual Library
24 November 2002 Nepal
Frequently Asked Questions on Travelling to Nepal
Pictures of Kathmandu
Trekking Nepal
Travels in Nepal
8 December 2002 Bhutan
Gratitude in the Himalayas
Christina's Photos
The Ancient Kingdom of Bhutan
Bhutan goes global
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