The Hawker-Rock and Hall-Burrows Families

These pages contain photographs in the posession of various people in my family tree. They are of unknown people but believed to be connected with the families of the people who have them. Anyone with information on the subjects should email me, Graham Hawker (

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An interesting group of fellows! This is a halfpenny postcard photo with no identifying information, probably connected with the family of Lillian Blanche Hawker (b. Walsall 1887) daughter of Thomas Hawker. It is in the posession of Thomas Barrick in the USA although interestingly it seems the four lads also appear in the following photo. Likely Lads

Seems these lads are quite theatrical! This photo, in the posession of Graham George Hawker, seems to contain the same four "likely lads" as the photo above. Who are they?. On the back of the photo it says:
Gunner G Cartlidge
Bat R G cf
North Gosport
Likely Lads (2)

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