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Elizabeth Hawker

Email from Jennifer England to Graham Hawker 19 December 2010:
Dear Graham,
I too have Hawker ancestors in Gloucestershire and have been tracing them with help
from the transcribed registers. My ancestor, Elizabeth Hawker, was born  c1743,
married John Crees in Chaceley, 1769. They had three children in Chaceley and a
further three in Forthampton, where John was buried in 1786. In 1787, Elizabeth
married Isaac Davies in F'n and they had daughters Honor (my ancestor) and Esther.
Elizabeth was buried in F'n in 1818, age 75. 
Although I cannot find her baptism, I consider it most likely that Elizabeth was a
daughter of Giles Hawker and Mary nee Hodges. They were the only Hawker family
having children in Chaceley around 1743. There are gaps in the transcription: no
entries for 1745 and the burial of 'Edward son of Giles and Mary Hawker' in 1752 but
no baptism. Further evidence - a Giles Hawker, probably her brother, was witness to
Elizabeth's second marriage.
I had come to a halt with Giles Hawker and Mary nee Davis, who are listed in your
records, but have recently traced a further generation. I found a document on the A2A
website, which referred to Giles Hawker and his mother Elizabeth Otter and so  I
decided to purchase a copy. It proved to be a long-winded but clearly written (
thankfully not in Latin!) legal document: an indenture, concerning a piece of land in
Chaceley, dated 1696. It includes some information on the relationships and forebears
of the participants. If you are interested, I should be glad to send you a copy of my
transcription of the document and could add more details re Elizabeth's family,
although I realise it is rather distant from your line.
Sincerely, Jennifer England

Simon Lyon

Informtuion on the Lyon family kindly provided by Mr. M R Lyons

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