Hawker and Hall Family Trees


Charles Henry Chapman

OBITUARY Herald Sun, Monday April 10 2000 (from Coral TAHIN)
Charles Henry Chapman
Church Worker
Born: July 9, 1915
Died: April 2, 2000
CHARLES Chapman became part of Yarraville's landscape, living his whole life in the western suburbs. The seventh son of Thomas and Annie Chapman's 12 children, he learnt how to fight against the hard times in his early days. He helped his family's finances by selling newspapers before and after school.

Leslie James Lee

Fawkner Crematorium And Memorial Park wishes to advise that the cremated remains of the late Leslie James Lee who passed away on Wednesday, July 08, 1987, aged 85 are located at 2nd Ave New Rosebeds Positions Bed B Position 251. Maps
The Funeral Service was conducted by Rosebud Funeral Service.

Theresa Grant

DEATH CERTIFICATE - From Victorian Registry of BDM 10 August 1999 (EJM) $17
Place of Death - Geelong
Medical Attendant - A McGREGOR, 02 January 1964
Informant - G. EARL, Inverleigh
Undertaker - L. COLE Minister - E. TAYLOR Witnesses - F. DEPPELER
Where born - Melbourne, Victoria
Time in Colony/State - 82yrs in Victoria
Age at Marriage - 18yrs Conjugal Status - Widow
Children of Marriage - Emily Margaret deceased, Claude 60yrs, Vera 58yrs.
Comments - Fa's Occ. Stonemason, Usual Residence - Inverleigh, Victoria

William Claude Anderson

Digger - Marriage Index. Victoria 1921-1942

Family Name: ANDERSON
Given Name: William Claude
Spouse Family Name: FARRAR
Spouse Given Name: Gertrude Hettie
Registration Year: 1934
Registration Number: 2580

Mark Rowe Greenway

Footscray Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions, GSV, Melbourne, May 1999
Treasured memories of Mark Rowe Greenway, dearly loved husband of Margaret, dear father of Claude, who passed away 26th April 1955, aged 60yrs. In God's care. (Masonic insignia).

Eliza Grant

DEATH CERTIFICATE - from Victorian Registry of BDM 20-May-1998, $17
Place of Death - "Mount St.Evins" Private Hospital, Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.
Medical Attendant - Dr. G. RYAN, 20 January 1956
Informant - ??,Authorized Agent, Cotham Road, Kew
Undertaker - L. BULLUSS Minister - K. S. ANGUS Witnesses - C. NEWGREEN
Where born - Victoria (part unknown)
Time in Colony/State - 77 years in Victoria
Age at Marriage - 21yrs Conjugal Status - Widow
Children of Marriage - Percy Inglis 54yrs, Thomas Hugh 47yrs, Joyce Inglis 46yrs, Dorothy Grace 40yrs.
Comments - Usual residence - 7 Inverness Way, East Kew, City of Kew.

James Grant

DEATH CERTIFICATE - from Victorian Registry of BDM 24-Aug-1998 (EJM) $17
Place of Death - The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville.
Occupation - General Labourer
Medical Attendant - Dr. J. GARDINER, 31 March 1945
Informant - H. RICHARDSON, Authorized Agent, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville
Undertaker - A. BOWDERN Minister or Witnesses - L. BOWDERN, W. SMALLMAN
Where born - Brunswick, Victoria.
Time in Colony/State - 68yrs in Victoria
Age at Marriage - 25yrs Conjugal Status - Married
Children of Marriage - Gladys Ann deceased, James Ernest 37yrs.
Comments - Fa. Occ. Quarryman, Usual residence - 219 Buckley street, Footscray

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