Hawker and Hall Family Trees


Ann Spiers

Email received by Graham George Hawker, 18 June 2006 states:
"I see you have listed John Hawker born in Grafton (Beckford) 1834 and married to
ann Spiers (Spires) 1857.
Now they are my Great Great Grandparents, but strangely you don't mention his
daughter Mary Jane Hawker (my Great Grandmother born in Dumbleton in 1858. If
you are largely working off the 1881 census then Mary Jane was married in 1879 and
living in Elmley castle in Wor cestershire.
I have both Mary Jane Hawkers birth certificate giving her parents as John Hawker
(born Grafton 1834 ) and Ann Hawker,  nee Spiers (born Ashton under Hill, born
1840, not 1836 as listed).
Do you have any clues to John Hawkers parentage? I thought perhaps the william
Hawker (born Sedgeberrow 1804) and living in grafton in 1851 was a possible?"

Mary Jane Hawker

See notes for her mother, Ann Spiers

Samuel Hawker

The burial of a Samuel Hawker aged 41 is recorded on 1 Feb 1823 in the Eldersfield parish register transcriptions of William Good.

James Vaile Hawker

Emails received by Graham George Hawker on 27 November 2002:

Hi. My name is John Hawker, you may remember me from correspondence in
Genforum. I now  have
a concrete lineage back to John Hawker in Dumbleton in 1838, and good
assumptions prior to then. In your Hawker-Rock index you have listed
James Hawker of Dumbleton, Glo..However, there appears to be
some errors in the lineage you have attached to him. James Hawker of Dumbleton
was born Sept. 25th, 1838... the 1851 census was completed in April and could lead
one to believe he was born in 1839. His Father was John
Hawker born in 1808, and his Mother was Maria Vaile born in 1809 in Tewkesbury.
Vaile is also James middle name... James Vaile Hawker. John and Maria had 3 other
children as well... Maryann born 1833, William born 1836, and Jane born 1844. I
suspect Maryann lived in Dumbleton with Marias Mother Elizabeth Vale. Here is
where the index line goes awry... James did in fact move to Evesham and marry, but
not to Millicent Sallis. You clearly have 2 different James. James
Vaile Hawker of Dumbleton, married Ann King of Evesham (Father Thomas King) on
Feb. 22, 1863. Together they had Arthur James Hawker. Arthur
James Hawker married Maria Barnes (a widow from Stafford), on March 18, 1888.
Together they had Albert George Hawker born 1892 and killed in WWI, Ethel Hawker
born 1893, John Arthur Hawker born April 15, 1896, died 1975
Canada, and Florrie Hawker born 1889. All were born in Evesham.
As far as James is concerned, there is no doubt
in that I have his marriage and birth records as well as census records. My recently
discovered family Bible circa 1880s lists Arthur, James Vaile, Ann, John, and Maria. I
do not have any concrete information John b.1808 however. Your index suggest he
is from Withington. Do you know of any connections prior

Hi Graham. I looked through my records again and then again in the 1901 census.
The James Hawker born in Dumbleton in 1838 who married Millicent Sallis in
Evesham, apparently lived next door to John Arthur Hawker and his parents, Arthur and
Maria. They lived at 34 High St. I simply cannot
believe this could be coincidence. I then checked the 1901 census for Ann Hawker
and she was nowhere to be found. James Vaile Hawker married Ann King in 1863
and had Arthur also in 1863, then I have to assume sometime
between then and 1870 Ann passed away and James remarried-Millicent Sallis- and
had 2 more children, Rosamond and Albert E.. I will try to search for more evidence,
but I cannot believe there could be 2 James Hawkers from Dumbleton, born the
same year, both moving to Evesham and the unrelated one living next door.
In any event it appears your James Hawker is correct in part after all.

George Hawker

In a message to the Eng-Worcester mailing list on Friday 14 April 2006, Hilary,
mymac at dsl.pipex.com, writes
>Does anyone have any connections to this Hawker family?
>George Hawker born 1844 (Ashton under hill) (George's father was
>married 1868 Fanny HBarnett (born 1848 Conderton)
>Alfred born 1873 in Kemerton, Annie born 1875 in Kemerton, James born
>1877 in Bredons Norton, Robert born 1879 in Bredons Norton and Agnes
>born 1887 in Hanley Castle.

Daniel Foster

Email from Ann Griffin to Graham HAwker dated 13 July 2005:

've just discovered your genealogy on the net.  Happened to check the surnames
and spotted Reuben Hawker's name.  Just by chance, over the last couple of weeks
I have been researching Daniel Foster in Darlaston, Staffs!  I am connecte d to
another Daniel Foster born in Darlaston in 1853 who was a bolt forger.  Your Daniel
was also born in Darlaston in Jan 1853 and was a coal miner, son of Daniel & Mary
Foster, Daniel Snr was baptised at St Lawrence, Darlaston in 1812 (on the IGI)..  His
daughter, LYDIA was baptised at St Lawrence 29.8.1847, as was Rachel,
28.12.1840 and Thomas, 23.11.1845.

I found the above baptisms last week on fiche, didn't get any further.

In 1861 Daniel & Mary were at 89 Catherine's Cross, Darlaston, in 1871 at 8 Foundry
Street, Daniel Jnr  1891 & 1901 at 79 New Street. I believe Daniel snr died in 1875.

Reuben Hawker marrioed Lydia Foster Sept Q 1872 Wolverhampton 6b 734

Lydia Foster's birth Sept Q 1847Walsall 17 222

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