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George Ellis

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From: "Leslie and Jesse Ellis" <LESJES@a... </group/genealogyuk/post?postID=9GUYUl-OZJuAH1YpoSc3-rMlNdgXPV8i6DOG_6rlQwXZiGLkngvIF1Nb0H13Ig1aUk-skGKGOw>> Date: Sat Oct 26, 2002 2:19 pm Subject: Ellis Family Tavistock/Lamerton Devon I am looking for two remaining siblings of an ancestor and am hoping someone here can help: They are: John Ellis born; 1849 Scrubton Lamerton Devon and George Ellis born; 1869 Lamerton Devon The family lore is that John may have come to America (Perhaps around Pennsylvania, but this is nothing but a big "maybe") George, according to the same "lore", stayed in England and became a minister. He married a woman named "Jane". Any matches or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Leslie Ellis searching lines of : Ellis, Burridge, Judd, Fox, in England Everett, Furlow/Furlough, Stapp, Settles in America.

From: "Leslie and Jesse Ellis" <LESJES@a... </group/genealogyuk/post?postID=4eA36D3g1i_5D-yLfrhjkq7GxCJcmzu5g-tyQKN6e2rpqqHw7uvAxLgghf6B54GuBkCBKF4>> Date: Tue Oct 29, 2002 1:19 am Subject: Re: Ellis Family Tavistock/Lamerton Devon Birmingham AL USA library does not have the Crockford's or the Alumni Oxoniensis. Not a huge surprise. SO if someone on the list who has access to this information would be so kind, I am seeking a George Ellis who was supposed to have become a minister. Here is all that I know: George Ellis b August 26, 1869 in Lamerton Devon Son of Samuel Ellis and Hannah Burridge I would be most grateful if someone would reference this in the above- mentioned books. And thank you Stuart, for your helpful reply! Leslie Ellis

James Penny

Name James assumed from the entry in the 1881 census coupled with the email from Leslie Ellis

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