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Ellen Barton

Email received by Graham G Hawker on 20 March 2007:
My Grandmother was Elizabeth Barton 1893-1945 and I have been researching this line for a
few years now.
Elizabeths Gt Grandfather was Henry Barton born 1808 in Ormskirk.  IGI held no details of him
and I contacted Douai Abbey where they hold the records.  Apparently the page for 1808 was
missing from St Annes but they advised that the only Barton family having their children
baptised around this time at the Church were George and Mary Barton.  Henry named his first
son George and a daughter Mary so I can quite confidently assume I do have the correct
Barton family. They kindly sent me the details of the other childrens baptisms:-
1807 2 Nov, baptised Margaret, d. of George& Mary Barton, born 30 Oct,
            godparents Thomas Bushell and Ann Scarisbrick
1806 6 Oct, bapt. Helen, d. of ditto, godparents, John Busell proxy for Thomas Bushell, and
Mary Bushell
1809 no date, bap. John, son of ditto, godprs. John and Margery Bushell
1812 14 April, bapt. Ellen, d. of ditto, born 12 April, godprs. Thoms and Ann Heys
1814 7 Jan, bapt. Mary, d. of ditto, born 4 Jan, godprs. Thomas Barton and Ann Scarisbrick
1815 1 Dec, bapt. Ann, d. of ditto, born 28 Nov, godprs. James and Margaret Halsall
1818 29 April, bapt. George, s. of ditto, born 20 April, godprs. Robert and Ellen Halsall
1821 3 May, bapt. Jan, d. of ditto, born 31 April, godprs. William & Jane Heaton.

As you can see Robert and Ellen Halsall were Godparents in 1819.  They married 1/1/1804 by
special dispensation so presume they were related - cousins?  Ellen was formerly BARTON
(1788-1862) and I have her and Robert on 1841 Census as Publicans of the May Pole (now
Morris Dancers) pub.  Now, Roberts parents were Henry Halsall and Ann nee BARTON - I think
Ellen may have been Anns niece but yet to find Ellens parents.  My George Barton
(1776-1837) was Ann Bartons brother.  (Henry Halsalls Will 1808 I believe names George
Barton as Executor.) George and Anns parents were Richard and Ellin Barton.  I do have
names/dates of other children to the marriage if you wish me to send them.  Richard Barton
was born 1732 to John Barton and Jane nee Blundell and again can send you details of their
children and most of their marriages and children if you wish.   

Lydia Foster

Email from Ann Griffin to Graham Hawker, dated 13 July 2005:
've just discovered your genealogy on the net.  Happened to check the surnames
and spotted Reuben Hawker's name.  Just by chance, over the last couple of weeks
I have been researching Daniel Foster in Darlaston, Staffs!  I am connecte d to
another Daniel Foster born in Darlaston in 1853 who was a bolt forger.  Your Daniel
was also born in Darlaston in Jan 1853 and was a coal miner, son of Daniel & Mary
Foster, Daniel Snr was baptised at St Lawrence, Darlaston in 1812 (on the IGI)..  His
daughter, LYDIA was baptised at St Lawrence 29.8.1847, as was Rachel,
28.12.1840 and Thomas, 23.11.1845.

I found the above baptisms last week on fiche, didn't get any further.

In 1861 Daniel & Mary were at 89 Catherine's Cross, Darlaston, in 1871 at 8 Foundry
Street, Daniel Jnr  1891 & 1901 at 79 New Street. I believe Daniel snr died in 1875.

Reuben Hawker marrioed Lydia Foster Sept Q 1872 Wolverhampton 6b 734

Lydia Foster's birth Sept Q 1847 Walsall 17 222

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