Hawker and Hall Family Trees


Ronald Ernest Mellor

Eric Eyley provides the following notes on Ronald
“After the death of his mother he lived with his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Tye of Shobnall Road, Burton on Trent and around 1926 with his aunts Adeline and Gwendoline at the family house on Belvedere Road, Burton on Trent.
On leaving Burton Grammar School he joined HMS CONWAY, a Training Ship, as a Cadet and then as a midshipman with the Blue Funnel Line.
He then served on various ships until he was called up for the RAF, as they were very short of trained navigators. At this time he was living at Southampton, having married Eileen, a girl from Liverpool.
He was sent to Cross Plains at Burton on Trent, from where he did one operational flight over Europe and was shot down. He then spent the rest of the war in a POW Camp (Non-working)
After the war he went to live at Bebington and obtained shore employment but it is not known in what capacity, except that he later became a Publican at various addresses. They had two daughters, Eileen and Dorothy and they also adopted another daughter, Maureen.
Whilst he occasionally visited Burton, nothing has been heard of him or his family since 1965.”

Eileen Isobel Robinson


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