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Leslie Jinks

Killed in retreat to Dunkirk. In Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Information in a telephone conversation with Eric Rock, 12 February 2002.

James Halsall

All of the information on this family and its complex relationships with the Pinnington family came originally from Isobel Woods who sent it by email to Ann Wright. Ann sent it by email (much later) to Graham George Hawker on 21 February 2002. The original email from Isobel, as sent to Graham, reads as follows:

It is good to hear from you. I do know Scarisbrick quite well although I
don't live there but my grandparents did and over the years I have reseached
a number of families who are related. Being a close-knit, strongly Catholic
community centred around the Hall the families intermarried. They all had a
large number of children and all used the same Christian names from one
generation to the next so it has been a nightmare unravelling them.
Relationships get very complicated.

I probably could work out how the majority of Halsalls in the 1881 census
are related. My biggest gaps of knowledge are in more recent times when
they moved away from the village so I hope you will be able to help me
there. There is a big empty space in my file for the descendants of your
William/Margaret Pinnington nee Halsall. ((Graham That's us)) I do know
that one of their sons was Rt.Rev Monsignor William Pinnington b1856 Do you
know about him? Another son was James Pinnington who lived in Ormskirk
about 1913.

Bishop Joseph Formby Halsall b1902 was the 3rd s/o William/Ellen Halsall nee
Formby of Kiln Farm, Ainsdale. William was the youngest of the six children
of William/Mary Halsall nee Pinnington. Mary Pinnington and the Monsignor's
father William Pinnington were siblings. Confused?

Your William Pinnington b1833 Scar was the 4th s/o John/Martha Pinnington
nee Howard, a farmer of Scarisbrick. They had 11 children. His wife
Margaret was the youngest of the 12 children of James/Margaret Halsall nee
Fairclough who farmed New Hall,Scarisbrick. He was a wealthy man. At one
time New Hall was the Dower House of the Scarisbricks.

4 of the children of John/Martha Pinnington married 4 of the chidren of
James/Margaret Halsall!! A 5th child, Charles Pinnington married Ellen d/o
Henry/Isabella Halsall of the Morris Dancers. ((Graham A pub in

I ((Isobel Woods)) am descended from both of these Halsall families. Ann,
eldest d/o James/Margt. was my 2x gt gr mother and my grandmother, Anne
Frances Halsall was the grandaughter of Henry/Isabella. I also have a
direct link to William Halsall, Uncle of James so as you can see I have a
big interest in the Halsalls.
There is such a lot of information but I think it will help you if I tell
you more about the Halsalls of New Hall.

James/Margaret Halsall nee Fairclough
James Halsall married Margaret Fairclough 6 Apr 1807 Scarisbrick RC The
witneses were John Culshaw & Helen Fairclough.
They had a dispensation from the Bishop to marry as they were related to the
fourth degree of kindred. I haven't got back far enough to work this out.
All their children were baptised at Scar.RC I took the data from the copy
register at Lancs RO which finishes in 1824. The original registers which
began in 1773 are still at the church.

Ann bapt 28 Mar 1808 Gd P: Robert Halsall Helen Fairclough
mar John Charnock of Heatons Bridge
Elizabeth bapt 27 Apr 1810 Thos Dobson Margt.Dobson
mar John Williams of Aughton
Helen bapt 11 Jun 1812 James Halsall Alice Fairclough
mar Michael Charnock brother of John Charnock
Henry bapt 27 mar 1814 Robert Halsall Mary Fairclough
mar Elizabeth Whalley
Mary bapt 3 Dec 1815 William Kershaw Helen Kershaw
mar David Pinnington
William bapt 24 Jun 1817 William Fairclough Mary Bullen
mar Mary Pinnington
Robert born 2 Jun bapt 4 Jun 1820 Henry Heyes proxy for William Cammack
Elizabeth Heyes
mar ?
James born 26 Apr bapt 27 Apr 1822 William Cammack Jane Halsall
mar Mary Sharrock
Richard born 4 Aug bapt 8 Aug 1824 Sylvester Moorcroft Elizabeth
died unmar.11 Jul 1889
Joseph born 1826
died unmar. 23 Dec 1893
Margaret born 1831
mar William Pinnington

John/Martha Pinnington (Pennington )
I have really done much research on the early Pinningtons. They were not a
long established Scarisbrick family. John Pinnington was the first to
settle in Scarisbrick around 1818. He died before 1851 so I am not sure
where he was born. I did hear it may have been Liverpool.
He married Martha Howard 28 Nov 1818 Scarisbrick R.C. Witnesses Thomas
Pinnington and Elizabeth Bullen. According to the census Martha was born in
Woodborough, Nottinghamshire. She had a sister Mary Howard also born
Woodborough who married William Culshaw of Scarisbrick. Martha Pinnington
died 10 Jul 1874 and was buried at Scarisbrick with her two unmrried
daughters and son David.

Ann b.1819 married Robert s/o James/Margaret Halsall
David bapt 26 Mar 1820 St Mary's R.C Aughton Gd P:William Stock, Elizabeth
mar Mary d/o James/Margaret Halsall
Mary b.1822
mar William s/o James/Margaret Halsall
John bapt 12 Aug 1823 Ormskirk R.C. GdP: Thomas Pinnington Mary
mar Ann d/o Robert/Ann Kershaw nee Halsall
Martha b. 1826
died unmar 1864
Elizabeth b. 1827
died unmar 1849
Thomas b. 1830
mar Jane d/o Robert/Ann Kershaw nee Halsall
William b.1833
mar Margaret d/o James/Margaret Halsall
James b.1836
no more known
Benjamin b.1838
mar Mary N.K.
Charles b.1839
mar Ellen eldest dau of Henry/Isabella Halsall nee Kershaw of the
Morris Dancers, Scar.
died 22 Nov 1877 aged 38

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