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Samuel Lockley

There are several Lockleys in the 1851 census for Bromstead. Ref HO107/1998 Folio 426. One family on page 11 is as follows:
William Lockley, Head, Married, age 76, Farm Labourer born in Gnosall, Staffs
Elizabeth Lockley, Wife, Married, age 68, born in Blythe Bridge, Staffs
Mary Dyke, Lodger, Widow, age 65, Pauper Farm Work, born in Gnosall
This could be a connection between the families of Ann Dyke and Samuel Lockley.

The Vital Records Index Second Edition from the Church of Latter Day Saints shows two marriages with the name William Lockley in Gnosall:
William Lockley and Elizabeth Hood on 3 November 1800
William Lockley and Sarah Bratton on 14 February 1804

Ann Dyke

Maiden name taken from birth certificates of Ann Ward and Jane Ward

An Ann Dyke died in West Bromwich
June Quarter 1883 West Bromwich 6b 486

Daniel Shakespeare

Stella Smith, wife of Colin Smith who is the great grandson of Daniel Shakeseare, supplied several photos in an email to Graham George Hawker dated 14 September 2002 with the comment:
"I have attached a couple of the photos I promised and will look through
to see if there is anything else which might be of interest.

Daniel Shakespeare circa 1940s

Daniel & second wife with:
Miriam (born to second wife), Alice & Kate

Colin's mum Joan Smith (nee Shakespeare)"

Edmund Hawker

From IGI batch number C027843


From IGI batch number C027843

Edmund Hawker

Sex: M

Christening: 10 Dec 1627
Deerhurst, Gloucester, England

Father: Edmund HAWKER
Mother: Elinor


Source Information:


Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
C027843 1559-1728 0991281 Film 6900008 Film

Thomas Hawker

From IGI Batch number C027843

John Shakespeare

According to John Hawker (brother of George, Tom, Glad and Anne) Jim Shakespeare lived in Ludlow.

Email from Colin and Stella Smith on 15 April 2002 to Graham George Hawker states:
It seems that we have common interest in the Shakespeare clan, my mother Joan (nee
Shakespeare) , father was John 1890- 1976
His father Daniel 1856 - 1950 ,Dudley,Worcester.
His father Daniel 1827 - ? , " "
His father James 1808 - 1848
This info came from my mother, who lives in Yorkshire and seems too much to be just
coincidence .

This was then confirmed in an email on 6 May 2002 which states:
We have been in touch with colin's Mum and she confirms that the Daniel Shakespeare you
have on your family tree is her grandfather.

There are only a couple of things that she told us though, which differ from your pedigree.
On the 1861 census it shows Daniel Shakespeare living in Dudley, with wife Eliza (Price), son
James age 10, daughter Cecila (?) age 6, son Daniel age 4. Daniel had four brothers, James,
John, Aaron and Luke.

Aaron and his wife Esther and their adult daughter Esther and her son Bernard Moore went to
America on the Campania in February 1907. They settled in Pittsburgh. (I have photos of
Esther and her daughter and g/son, also of Bernard when they were in America and Esther jnr
when she joined the Salvation Army which I have sent you.)

John went to Toronto about 1885. He married Francis Moore. they moved to Illinois where
their children were born. Haden 1889, Frances 1894, Leslie 1896 and Don 1899. I will send
you a transcript of the Family History of John Shakespeare as written by Tom Stobbs,
Grandson of Daniel,m as soon as I can.

Daniel went to America for a short time, but found that the ups and downs of life there did not
suit him and he returned to England. He married Ann Burns in 1890 but she died in 1895,
possibly in childbirth. He remarried Elizabeth Perry and they had one daugher Miriam. Ann
and Daniel had John, Catherine, & Alice. As far as Colin's Mum knows he did not have any
other children, so we don't believe that Cecil and Ivy were his. Possibly the inscription on the
back of the photo was correct and they belong to Daniel Clarke.

Colin and Stella Smith sent the following to Graham George Hawker on 29 May 2002:
"Family History - John Shakespeare. Written 1982

Circa 1885 John Shakespeare came to Toronto from England. About the same time, Francis Moore came from England to Chicago and lived at a place called Marseilles. John soon moved to Chicago too .

The Moores and the Shakespeares were already friends from the Dudley/Hallesowen/Birmingham days., so it was natural for John to gravitate to where his friends were. He married Frances Moore and went off with her to Pullman Illinois to work for George Pullman as bookkeeper . Pullman was the sleeping car magnate.

Haden was born in 1889, Frances in 1894, Leslie in 1896/97 and Don in 1899. Later they moved to Chicago and opened a Bakery but after a while John's health suffered from the arduous conditions of the Bakers life and he was advised to get an open air job.

In 1905 they moved to homesteading in Saskatuan (Saskatchewean). In those days in that area, (Saskatoon/Regina) any male over the age of 18 years could have 160 acres free to farm. They had to build a fence, build a house, dig a well all with their own hands, or those of friends. After three years the corn crop - wheat, flax, barley , oats - was ruined by frost. A further three years saw them virtually broke.

John went out and got a job with the Municipality of Saskatchewan as Secretary and Treasurer. While the family now ran the homestead. He kept this job for the rest of his life. The homestead was shown in Don's painting that he sent to my Mum, Miriam Shakespeare. I have seen some snapshots of the land and it would certainly take some farming to get a decent crop from that ground. It looks like a very wild area.

Haden left to go back to Chicago but Don stayed on to help with the land until the arm was sold and then followed to Chicago to work in a department store. In this work too, he did very well and in 1925 he took charge of the Department of Floorcovering . In the store he met and married Alta Tracey who also worked in the store (Wieboldt's). They honeymooned in a placed called THE DELLS, Wisconsin,

They stayed in Chicago for about 10 years then moved to anew job in South Bend, Indiana. From there to Toledo Ohio, where they remained for many years until the war.

Dallas Texas was next (Fort Worth Highway). Bill Frice? of Trise? who as well known in American Department Store Circles left Sangers of Dallas, and Don heard of this and after three visits there, got the job. After two years this job was becoming far too harassing and it was clear that the previous tenant had found it the same. He left to set up on his own and Don did the same. With a partner, he bought a business in Shreveport, Louisianna. After a while his partner wanted to get out and so Don was left in sole charge of a business that was declining due to the changing pattern of life after the war.

He sold the business and moved to San Antonio in Texas as Buyer for another department store. Eventually Harrison's asked Don to do their advertising for them so he moved again, this time to Detroit. Here he became Store Manager but again a change of Store Policy meant that the store moved more into furniture and away from floor covering so when a friend, Edward Jones, left to start in carpets, he asked Don to join him.

Don has worked there ever since. Now, of course, the store is run by Edward Jones' son, Jeff Jones. Don now works "part time" which means most of the week from opening to closing time.

Tom Stobbs, Grandson of Daniel Shakespeare."

Sarah Lockley

See also source notes for Francis Ellis showing Sarah Lockley as the sister of Ellen Lockley and Ann Ward.

The confusion between the surnames "Ward" and "Ellis" was often repeated by Gladys Hawker. Others have suggested that there may have been a confusion caused by an illegitimate birth, but no evidence for this has been found.

Sarah Haddon's Will confirms the problem. She mentions the following people:
Ellen Ellis - neice
Francis Ellis, son of Francis Ellis the Baker - nephew
Jack Ellis - nephew
Percival Job Haddon - stepson
Reginald Thomas Hawker - nephew
George Hawker - nephew
Joan Mary Branson - neice
Ellen Hawker - neice
Charles Henry Hawker - nephew
Alice Hawker - neice
Lillian Blanche Barrick, wife of Benjamin Barrick - neice
Edward Cecil Hawker - nephew

Who was Jack Ellis? Who was Joan Mary Branson (Gladys Perkins said this was the maiden name and that Joan Branson studied at Art School in London)? And what happened to Ernest and George, also sons of Francis Ellis?

A Sarah Ann Lockley was registered in Penkridge in 1847 which seemed a likely candidate. The GRO reference is: Sarah Ann Lockley MAR 1847 Vol. XVII Page 118 Penkridge. Unfortunately the birth certificate shows her born in Cannock to William Lockley and Mary. The General Register Office were asked to carry out a search for Sarah Lockley during the years 1849 - 1851 but on 8 May 2001 wrote (Ref PAS511625) to say the search had not been successful.

A Sarah Ann Lockley was registered in Market Drayton in the JUN1853 quarter with reference:
JUN 1853 Market Drayton 6a 681

The birth of Sarah Lockley was finally found on 8 March 2003 in the Parish Register of Moreton in the county of Staffordshire dated May 20th 1849.

Francis Ellis

Is this the same Francis Ellis as the witness on the Marriage Certificate of Thomas Hawker and Jane Ward? Seems probable.
Initial information on his children came from two sources:

Sarah Haddon's Will and George Hawker, father of Graham George and John.
For details see notes on Sarah Haddon (nee Ward) and notes on Thomas Hawker, father of Reginald Thomas Hawker

Kelly's Staffordshire Directory for 1880 lists Francis Ellis, Baker, 51 Caldmore, Walsall

Ellen Lockley

There is a conflict here. The mariage certificate of Francis Ellis and Ellen Lockley shows her father's name as Joseph. Tony Tomkins says that Ann Dyke married Samuel Lockley in the June quarter of 1847. The birth certificates of Ellen and Sarah Lockley are needed together with the marriage certificate of Ann Dyke and Samuel Lockley plus the census return for 1851 which should show Sarah who was born in 1849 in Bromstead Heath, Shropshire, England. The 1861 census for Walsall Coalpool shows Ellen Dike aged 6 as a visitor in the house of Thomas and Ann Ward with their daughters Ann and Jane. All very confusing.

Also note that Ellen is not mentioned in Sarah Haddon's (nee Lockley) will and therefore presumably died before 28 February 1914.

In FreeBMD I found a death of Ellen Ellis in Walsall in the September quarter of 1885. Full reference is:
Ellen ELLIS . Walsall. SEP 1885. 6b. 324
Needs checking

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