Hawker and Hall Family Trees


Frank Alfred Charles Hawker

Died intestate, living at 21 School House, Apperley, Gloucestershire.

Charles Coates

CENSUS:Bartletts Eldersfield;1841;HO107/1204;Book 5 Page 13

Milborough Hawker

A Millborough Coates appears at Bartlett, Eldersfield in the 1841 Census (H.O.107/1204 Book 5 Folio 9 Page 13)

Giles Hawker

FAMILY:Appears at Fowlers Building, Eldersfield in the 1841 Census Ref HO107/1204 Book5 Folio9 Pages 13-14
At LinkEnd, Eldersfield in 1851 Census
Ref HO107/2043 Folio 354 Page 2-3
At Linkend Lane, Eldersfield in 1861 Census
Ref RG9/2098 Folio 73 Page 27
Ditto in 1871 Census
Ref RG10/3056 Folio 77 Page 27

The 1841 mention of Fowlers Building may be connected with the marriage recorded in the Utah Index for Worcester "Ann Hawker married John Fowler 21/4/1829 Eldersfield."

Harriet Hawker

There was a Harriet of about the right age, born in Eldersfield, appearing in the 1851 census for Cheltenham as a
servant to the Brandt family in Cheltenham.

P.R.O. Reference # HO 107/1973P.R.O. Reference # HO 107/1973
Cheltenham - Sanford Place, Montpellier Villas, Suffolk Square, Montpellier Terrace ,
Suffolf Place, Suffolk Lawn, Lypiatt Terrace , LansdownGuild, Montpellier Grove,
Commercial Road/

BRANDT Charlotte 59 Annuitant Manchester
Harriet 58 Manchester
WAITE Mary Servant 34 Barnwood
WELCH Mary Servant 24 Oadley Leics
HAWKER Harriet Servant 28 Eldersfield

Esther Hawker


Emma Hawker

An Emma Hawker of the right age born in Eldersfield appears in the 1851 census for Tredington:

P.R.O. Reference # HO 107/1974

HONE Henry 37 Farmer 375 ac Southam
Lucinda 34 Insworth
Sarah 10 Stoke Orchard
George 8 Stoke Orchard
Mary 6 Stoke Orchard
Henry 4 Stoke Orchard
Lucinda 3 Stoke Orchard
Edward 1m Stoke Orchard
NEW Mary 20 Governess Beckford
MARSHALL Eliza Servant 19 Eldersfield
HAWKER Emma Servant 19 Eldersfield
NICHOLS Peter Servant 23 Stoke Orchard

John Hawker

IGI: Worcester
Batch number:7232615 Dates - Source Call No. 0822073 Type Film Printout Call No. NONE
Sheet: 63

Sex: M

Christening: 7 May 1836
Eldersfield, Worcester, England

Father: Giles HAWKER
Mother: Maria

Isaac Hawker

IGI:Name unreadable in census. Taken from IGI.
Not at family home in 1851 census

Sarah Ann Hawker

Sarah Ann Hawker not found in the 1881National Index to the 1881 Census. She either died or moved out of the area. There was only one Sarah born in Eldersfield in 1871 that appears in the 1881 census in the West Midlands. She was called Sarah Mayo, living at Corse Lawn Eldersfield with the Mayo family. There was a Sarah Ann Simpkins born 1869 and a Sarah Ann Halling born 1874, both living in Corse Lawn with their families.

In an email to Graham Hawker on 18 December 2007 Pat Edwards wrote:
"I believe we are researching the same Harriett Hawker who was married to Frederick Bartlett between 1871-1881. I haven't been able to access any Marriage entries but Sarah A Hawker became Sarah A Bartlett on the 1881 census! Source citation Class RG11 Piece 2015 Folio119 Page 38 GSUroll1341486"

On 29 December 2007 Pat Edwards added:
"The Bartlett family are in Daniel St Cardiff on the 1901 cencus and Harriett Bartlett is
shown as from Eldesbury Worcs as is Harriett Hawker. Source citation:Class: RG13; Piece: 4978: Folio: 30; Page:52.
 I bought a Birth Certificate for Thomas Henry born in Swindon 31
May 1880 and his mother is recorded as Harriett Bartlett formely Hawker.
He married Emily Louisa Bryant in 1905 and named a son Thomas Henry born in
 I can't find a marriage reg for Frederick and Harriett as I mentioned earlier but it
could be that Harriett was a widow when they married.
There is a Harriett Hawker who married a James Hyde in1875 (I sent for the cert)
but her father was William. Coincidentally when Thomas Henry married Emily Louisa (as above) there is a
witness called Robert Hyde."

Isaac Hawker

CENSUS: Living with wife and 3 servants at Wrights Farm 1861 Ref: RG9/2098 Folio 67 Page 14
At Lime Street Eldersfield with 2 Servants 1871
Ref: RG10/3056 Folio 71 Page 15
At Corse Lawn Eldersfield with 3 servants and visitor Matilda Whiteman 1881 Ref: RG11/2922 Folio 63 Page 13

Will FEB 1887 recorded on P.83 of book on Worcestershire Wills atSoc. Genealogists Library, London.


Living with husband and 3 servants at Wrights Farm 1861 Ref: RG9/2098 Folio 67 Page 14
At Lime Street Eldersfield with 2 Servants 1871
Ref: RG10/3056 Folio 71 Page 15
At Corse Lawn Eldersfield with 3 servants and visitor Matilda Whiteman 1881 Ref: RG11/2922 Folio 63 Page 13

William Hawker

Appears in 1851 Census at Link End Eldersfield Ref HO107/2043 Folio354 Page3
!CENSUS: At Linkend Lane with Family in 1871
Ref: RG10/3056 Folio 77 Page 26
At Tump Eldersfield 1881
Ref: RG11/2922 Folio59 Page 6

Priscilla Gladwin

Email dated 11 September 2006 from Alexander Morris states:
"- Nellie Hawker, daughter of Frederick Hawker and Ellen Louisa, (b.1888)
married James Charlwood in Malta on 8th July 1906. She died in the influenza
pandemic of 1918 (23.10.1918) back in Upton. According to a sheet of paper
which my great grandmother wrote with everything she could remember of her
family Nellie had two children Hilda and Arthur.
- Edith Mary Hawker, daughter of Frederick and Ellen, (b.1890) married James
Charman also in Malta on 23 August 1908. She died 23 February 1929 and was a
governess in Germany.
Frederick was clearly serving in Malta around 1906-1908 so I suspect that
either or both of Elsie and Tom were born there.
- Precilla Hawker, wife of William and mother of Frederick etc. was I believe
Precilla Gladwin before her marriage. (I don't know if it should be Precilla
or Priscilla)
- I have Frederick and Ellen's marriage date as 10th October 1883 rather than
27th October.
- My grandmother recalls that Ellen had a sister called Bet Price who lived at
Shuthonger (near Tewkesbury) this would I assume be Elizabeth Bartlett
(b.1858) who must have married a Price.
- I have Ellen's eldest brother (christened 1869) down as Charles Alfred
rather than Alfred Charles, certainly he went by the name Charles. I once went
to Longdon and there is a gravestone in the churchyard there of a Charles
Bartlett 1867-1954 who died at Bullcroft, Longdon which is where you record
John Bartlett as dying in 1915 so I assume it is his son.
- My great grandmother's recollections mentioned above state that her father
Frederick had several brothers, she did not know how many but mentions Charlie
and Reuben, and one sister 'Pem'. I can only assume that this was a pet name
for Emily (b.1877)"

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