Hawker and Hall Family Trees


John Cooper

Lived at Wood Green Road, Wednesbury. (Source: Interview of Rubinnia Mabel HAWKER nee ROCK.)
Was at the Old Swinford Hospital School in 1871 according to his grand-daughter Gladys Cooper.

Elizabeth Hayes

Gladys Cooper (grand-daughter of John Cooper and Elizabeth Hayes) told the compiler of this file (Graham Hawker) that Rex Allen, a famous farmacist in Wst Bromwich around 1940, was a cousin of Elizabeth Hayes.

In the 1881 censuys the only Elizabeth Hayes of the right age in West Bromwich was:
Dwelling: 176 High Street
Census Place: West Bromwich, Stafford, England
Source: FHL Film 1341682 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2844 Folio 102 Page 3
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Samuel HEELIS U 68 M Bolton, Lancashire, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Cashier
Alfred COTTERILL U 24 M Walsall, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Assistant
Stephen MACLIEN U 20 M Alfreton, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
George SWEET U 19 M Castle Carey, Somerset, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
John STANLEY U 15 M Deal, Kent, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
Joseph WISONAL U 16 M Elmley Lovett, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
Fred WHITEHOUSE U 16 M Monsworth Burslam, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
Thomas RHODES U 16 M Burslem, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
Harry BAYLISS U 18 M Walsall, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Grocers Apprentice
Ann GREEN U 53 F Bristol
Rel: Serv
Occ: Housekeeper
Elizabeth HAYES U 17 F West Bromwich, Stafford, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Domestic Servant
Jane HALLAM M 44 F Hoton, Leicester, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Charwoman

William Cooper

According to Eric Rock, in a telephone conversation with Graham George Hawker on 14 August 2000, William had sons. He also worked with the RAF at a listening station and when demobbed continued to run it as a civilian. He later worked on similar projects in Hong Kong and Cornwall. Hopefully I will get more information from Eric and from Gladys Cooper his cousin.

George Hawker

CENSUS:At Chaceley with family in 1851
Ref: HO107/1974 Folio 85 Page 11
At Linkend Lane Eldersfield in 1861
Ref:RG9/2098 Folio 73 Page 27
At Linkend Lane in 1871with Ellen and Thomas
Ref:RG10/3056 Folio 77 Page 27
At Linkend with Grand-daughter Mary Jane HAWKER 1881 Ref: RG11/2922 Folio 65 Page 18
This is wrongly transcribed as HAWKIN in the CD version of the census sold by the Mormons, but the original microfilm was consulted by Graham George Hawker and shows clearly HAWKER

Hannah Drinkwater

Appears in 1841 Census for Chaceley aged 20 living with George Hawker aged 25, an Agricultural Labourer
HO/107/1204 Book 4 Folio 8 Page 9

Ellen Hawker

I found entries for 2 Ellen Hawkers born 1844 in the General Record Office, London. One was born in Pershore the other in Tewkesbury, both in the volume for MAR44

George William Hawker

In the 1901 census George Hawker is a servant with the Hobbs family in Oxenton.
Source: Class: RG13; Piece: 2469; Folio: 72; Page: 1.

Edward Hawker

Appears on Eldersfield Church roll of honour. 18th Lanc. Fuseliers

William Darke

GRO: DEC 1871 Tewkesbury 6a 981

Ann Dyke

Maiden name taken from birth certificates of Ann Ward and Jane Ward

An Ann Dyke died in West Bromwich
June Quarter 1883 West Bromwich 6b 486

Clara Shakespeare

John Hawker (RIN 190 (Brother of George, Tom, Glad and Anne) says "Grandma Clarke lived in Pargetter Street, Walsall"

Eva Clarke

A champion swimmer, taught Charles Webb (Channel Swimmer) to swim at Bloxwich baths according to Anthony Haywood in a telephone conversation 6 June 2002.

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