Hawker and Hall Family Trees


Harold Wint

Telephone conversation between Graham George Hawker and his father George on 24 August 2000: "Ellen and Harold had two children. Ellen died and left the chidren a substantial sum of money. Harold was never accepted by the Hawker family because he was a miner, and the family ignored him completely after Ellen died."

Ronald Harold Wint

Ronald Wint's wife, Jean, in an email to Graham George Hawker on 26 January 2003 stated that:
I do not think he (Ron) remembers much about the Wint family as he was only 9 when he
went to live with his Uncle Bill Hawker,consequently he had no contact with
them afterwards."
This would be on the death of Ron's father in 1937 and the Uncle Bill Hawker would have been William Hawker, son of Thomas hawker and brother of Ron's mother Ellen Augusta Hawker.

Robert Hawker

The following is taken from a note sent by John Hawker to Graham George Hawker on 17 October 1999 after reading this Gedcom file as it was on 15 October 1999.

("Father" is George Hawker, father of John and Graham George. "Uvedale Court" is a residential home in Needham Market, Suffolk, UK where George Hawker was living at the time.)

"I talked the history through with Father and he had a few comments that may be of interest.
Thomas's son George by his first marriage had a son Robert. Robert joined the Navy in the
War and by some extraordinary coincidence there is an elderly lady at Uvedale Court who
knew him very well and used to play tennis with him. She may have some useful background,
but I need to be sure that he really is the right Robert as she is very ancient and could be
confusing him with another, though interestingly she seems to know many of the Hawkers that
Father remembers who must be his Uncles and Aunts."

Reginald John Hawker

John Hawker told me (Graham George Hawker) that he attended Birchills School and then Bluecoat School, both in Walsall) together with his brother George (my father).
John (Reginald John Hawker) is on the pass list of the Pharmaceutical Society. For many years (during the 50s and early 60s) he had a cchemist's shop in Lye.

Winnifred Annie Somerfield

Known to the family as June

George Rock

Lived at The Folly, Folly Lane, Walsall, STS, ENG. After birth of first two children, moved to Weston Street or West Bromwich Street, Walsall, for birth of next two chidren. Then moved to 15, Wood Green Gardens, Wednesbury. (Source: Interview of Rubbinia Mabel HAWKER nee ROCK.)

Elizabeth Cooper

Lived at Wood Green Wednesbury, then moved to 24 Remembrance Road and later to 61 Chestnut Road (both Wednesbury)

Samuel George Rock

Lived at The Folly, Folly Lane, Walsall, STS, ENG. (Source: Interview of Rubinnia Mabel HAWKER nee ROCK.)

Birth at GRO: March 1853: Walsall 6b 474

Rachel Lycett

Is this the same Lycett that Lin Culshaw <culshaw@mrbean.net.au> is researching?

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