Scrapbook Page for Reginald John Hawker

Family of RT Hawker around 1925

Left to Right: Rear: Cecilia, RT Hawker, Thomas (Tom) Front: John, Celia Anne (Anne), George, Gladys (Glad) All personally known to the author of this file (Graham, son of George) with the exception of RTH (my grandfather) who died before I was born.

Reginald John Hawker

Reginald John Hawker Date and Location unknown.

John and June

Reginald John Hawker and his wife Winifred Annie (known to the Hawker family as June)

Wedding of Reginald John Hawker and Winifred Annie Somerfield

Left to Right: Cecilia Hawker and Reginald Thomas Hawker (parents of the groom), two bridesmaids (identity unknown), George Hawker (brother of the groom), groom and bride, unknown man, Gladys Hawker (sister of the groom), unknown bridesmaid, unknown woman

Cecilia Winifred and John

Cecilia Hawker with son Reginald John and his wife Winifred.

John and George

Reginald John Hawker and his brother George. They attended the same private school in Birmingham. The photo was taken in the garden of their home at 91 Pargeter Street Walsall

Reginald John Hawker

Left to Right Back Row, Gladys and Anne Front Row: Tom, George and John

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